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Modo Mio Cafe Cucina Bar, nestled in the prominent resort restaurant precinct of Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, offers a truly exceptional dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a satisfying meal, a refreshing drink, or simply a place to relax and mingle, Modo Mio Cafe Cucina Bar is the perfect destination to satisfy your cravings and indulge in a vibrant social scene.


Our unwavering dedication sets us apart, as we continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our esteemed guests. From the moment you step through our doors, you can expect a memorable experience filled with warm hospitality, attention to detail, and delectable cuisine crafted with precision. We take pride in our ability to create a welcoming atmosphere where every guest feels valued and catered to. Trust us to deliver an exceptional dining experience that will leave a lasting impression and keep you coming back for more.

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Modo Mio Cafe Cucina Bar Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Naples Italy Demi Karan ed-it.coAt Modo Mio, our culinary journey is fueled by a deep-rooted love for food, stemming from our Italian heritage hailing from Napoli, Italy. We take immense pride in crafting every dish with meticulous care, staying true to the essence of traditional Italian recipes while infusing them with our own unique Modo Mio modern twist.

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Modo Mio Cafe Cucina Bar Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Demi Karan Cafe

The Team


At Modo Mio, our diverse talents and experiences are unified by a common passion for Italian food, wine, and hospitality. As owner-operators, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience.

Modo Mio is the ultimate destination for those seeking traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist, accompanied by an atmosphere that perfectly complements the experience. The restaurant is led by the renowned Alfieri Family, whose culinary expertise originates from Napoli and has since spread to Adelaide and Sanctuary Cove, garnering a dedicated following from locals and visitors alike, including numerous international celebrities.

Fuelled by a deep passion for the industry and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Modo Mio strives to surpass guest expectations, placing a strong emphasis on providing an unforgettable dining experience through elevated, traditional Italian cuisine. Throughout our journey, we remain dedicated to preserving the authentic charm and essence of European hospitality.

At Modo Mio, we firmly believe that the quality of a dish is only as good as its ingredients, and we prioritize sourcing the best ingredients, predominantly from local suppliers. Recognizing that our food choices have a profound ethical and environmental impact, we are committed to making conscious decisions that benefit our land, our people, and the planet. We embrace the fact that the best food choices – those that promote the well-being of our environment, bodies, and minds – are also incredibly delicious and enjoyable.

With friendly service and a vibrant yet relaxed setting, Modo Mio Cafe Cucina Bar caters to various occasions, whether it’s a post-work gathering, an elegant and sparkling brunch, a delightful lunch, or an unforgettable dinner. It is a place where families and friends can come together, savour exquisite flavours, share plates, and simply watch the world go by.



Modo Mio Cafe Cucina Bar Staff Bar & Kitchen Demi Karan

Cafe cucina bar

We pride ourselves as a multifaceted café cucina bar, providing an enticing array of offerings ranging from delectable small bites and satisfying dinners to expertly crafted cocktails and beyond.


The Alfieri family is dedicated to upholding the authenticity and modernity of Italian cuisine, which is why they carefully select talented Chefs with a deep understanding and extensive knowledge of Italian food. This commitment ensures that every dish served at our establishment embodies the true essence of Italian culinary excellence while incorporating innovative elements that elevate the dining experience for our clients.


At Modo Mio, we carefully select our team to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience at our café cucina bar. Each staff member undergoes a rigorous selection process, guaranteeing they possess the necessary skills, expertise, and genuine dedication to hospitality. We create a welcoming atmosphere where professionalism shines in every interaction. By curating our team, we exceed customer expectations and create memorable moments at Modo Mio.

Creative Agency

Led by Demi Karan, Creative Director at, our team of top-notch digital & print specialists excels in facilitating effective communication between Modo Mio & our valued clients. With their expertise in collaborating with established & startup brands, they play a vital role in keeping our clients informed about our exclusive offerings, upcoming events, & the latest updates. Join the Modo Mio newsletter to stay connected & up to date with everything we offer.